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If you’re a person that regularly eats gluten-free, vegan or dairy-free snacks, then you most likely have heard of Mary’s Gone Crackers products.  I recently was offered the chance to try their new product, Everything Pretzels, which is being launched this Fall.

Introducing Mary’s Gone Crackers Everything Pretzels


The new flavor joins Mary’s Gone Crackers current lineup of pretzels Sea Salt, Chipotle Tomato and Curry.  The Pretzels are full of whole grains including brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and millet and tasty and nutritious seeds including flax, sesame and chia.

The new Everything Pretzels get extra crunch from poppy seeds and earn their name from the beloved “Everything” bagel—with an array of flavors from onion, garlic, sea salt and herbs.  In addition to being gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free the prezels are organic, non-GMO, soy free and kosher! It’s a crunchy snack packed with omega-3s, fiber and protein.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Everything Pretzels retails for $4.99 a 7.5 ounce bag and are now available on MarysGoneCrackers.com and in natural and grocery stores nationwide this fall.

Trying Everything Pretzels


I have to watch my sodium intake so finding a delicious and gluten free snack that’s satisfies the need for crunch without a lot of salt is not easy.  Mary’s Gone Crackers everything pretzels fit the bill.  They have just 190 mg of sodium per serving and 150 calories.

A serving is 15 pretzels which is more than enough due to the filling whole grains and 4 gm of fiber.The seasoning mix is just right with no one ingredient dominating the senses.

If you’re looking for a traditional pretzel presentation, this does not fit the bill.  Mary’s Gone Crackers Everything Pretzels may not be the prettiest snack but the taste and nutrition stats more than make up for it.

I really liked these pretzels and will buy them for crunchy snacking.


Thanks to the generosity of Mary’s Gone Crackers one reader will win a bag of Mary’s Gone Crackers Everything Pretzels.  Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address.

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Note: I received product for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


New Blue Diamond Almonds Flavors


Almonds are one of my go-to snacks and I eat them nearly every day.  When Blue Diamond asked if I wanted to try two of their new Honey Roasted Flavors it was an immediate yes.


One thing you might not have known is that my grandfather was a beekeeper with up to 600 hives at a time.  Delicious, natural honey was always on the table.  Pairing two of my favorite foods together would be a nice change to my daily snacks.


I cracked open the  can of Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Chipotle first.  I wanted to see how much heat was added to the almonds.  At first bite you just notice the honey roasted almond but then the chipotle pepper kicks in for a spicy finish.

They seemed like a great addition to anything chocolate so I decided to top my husband’s birthday cake off with them after chopping them in the food processor.


It was a great marriage of flavors and our dinner guests all seemed to enjoy the addition to the cake.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of vanilla in general.  But when I tried the Blue Diamond Almonds Honey Roasted Vanilla flavor I found it subtle enough for my taste.


A serving is a great way to get your sweet craving met along with filling fiber and protein.


On another note, I want to give Blue Diamond a shout-out for supporting honey bee research.  You probably have heard or read that honey bees are dying off.  This beekeeper’s granddaughter appreciates their donation to supporting these creatures.

Which new flavor of Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds would you try first?


I was provided Puritan’s Pride products for review purposes and received no other compensation.  Any opinions expressed are 100% mine.


Daily use of vitamins and supplements is one of the ways I work on maintaining and improving my health.  My husband and I both take multivitamins but a general one might not be best for us. I like that Puritan’s Pride has an option based on gender that meets our unique individual needs.

I have taken Fish Oil supplements for years based on my doctor’s advice for cardiovascular health and of course Vitamin B-12 for energy.

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one-third of Americans take multi-vitamins—with about one in four young children taking a vitamin each day. With back to school time upon us, the kids are ready to go taking their vitamins and eating a healthy breakfast– now it’s time for parents to get into their own healthy routines. Puritan’s Pride has put together some supplement suggestions to get back into the swing of fall and move to the head of the class.

Puritan’s Pride Women’s One Daily Multivitamins

This multivitamin is tailor-made for women. Once-daily formula provides a valuable array of vitamins and minerals. Includes 1000 IU of Vitamin D to support bone and immune system health.*

Puritan’s Pride One Daily Men’s Multivitamin

This multivitamin is tailor-made for men. Once-daily formula provides a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals. Includes 700 IU of Vitamin D to support bone and immune system health, and 100% of the Daily Value of Zinc to aid with energy metabolism and male reproductive health.*

Puritan’s Pride Vitamin B-12 500 mcg

B-12 Ener-B® formula delivers the essential B vitamin B-12 to support energy metabolism in the body.* Vitamin B-12 is also essential for the normal formation of blood cells, contributes to the health of the nervous system, and helps maintain circulatory health.*

Puritan’s Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

Provides 300mg of active Omega-3.Supports heart health.* Purified to eliminate mercury. This Ester-Omega® Fish Oil provides 300mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, comprising of EPA, DHA and other fatty acids. EPA and DHA fatty acids support heart health, provide an energy source for your body and are “good” fats that can help balance the “bad fats” in your diet.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  • Women’s One Daily Mutivitamins
  • One Daily Men’s Multivitamin
  • Vitamin B-12 500 mcg
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil 100 mg

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 More about Puritan’s Pride:

Puritan‘s Pride began over 40 years ago, with the mission of making the finest quality nutritional supplements available at the best value to their customers. Today, the company remains true to its original commitment and serves millions of loyal customers. Puritan’s Pride manufactures thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements in their state-of-the art facilities located throughout the U.S. As part of the company’s commitment to quality, Puritan’s Pride only uses ingredients from suppliers worldwide that meet their Quality Assurance Standards, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices food quality standards.
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Tales from the Scale: Creating Smart Spaces

Tales from the Scale-creating-spaces

When you’re trying to lose or maintain weight it’s important to have a plan-friendly environment.  The topic of discussion at yesterday’s Weight Watchers meeting was creating smart spaces.

Whether its your home, workplace, restaurant or some other place figure out how to make it work for you.  One of the other members has a new job and her desk is literally in the break room.  She has people traipsing in and out all day to prepare and eat food.  She dealt with it by having her favorite lower-calorie snacks on hand and constantly drinking water.

My strategies for spaces I go regularly include:

  • Office: Drawer with plan-friendly snacks (protein bars, jerky, nuts) and packing perishable snacks daily.
  • Home: Keep my husband’s high calorie treats hidden away.  It helps that he prefers things I don’t.
  • Traveling: Pack snacks for the time away.  I’ll be doing that this weekend for a trip to Memphis.

How do you control your spaces?

Food Plan

I haven’t posted my weight loss status for two weeks.  The first week I had a meal plan which we followed to the T and made sure my spaces were well-controlled.  The second week was the exact opposite.

There wasn’t a meal plan and I never went to the grocery store.  As you can imagine, I didn’t do well in terms of eating and exercise that week.  Of course, I didn’t take pictures of the burrito, burger, fries and other things I ate.  So here’s how it went that first week!


This omelette breakfast from Mimi’s (with spinach in the middle) was split between two days.


I had a Greek salad with chicken for lunch.  Some of the chicken shown in the picture was saved for a sandwich the next day.


One night’s dinner was grilled sirloin steak with quinoa and sauteed squashes.


Despite getting lots of activity in and having 30 weekly points left, I was exactly the same at weigh-in the first week.  Yesterday, my lack of activity and poor choices did show up at the scale.  I was up an even pound bringing the total weight loss back to:

48.2 Pounds

 I won’t weigh in this week due to travel but plan to do what I can to have that gone at the next weigh-in.

Challenges Ahead

Yesterday, I planned all our meals until I leave Thursday and bought the food needed to make it happen.  Yes, that’s called creating a smart place!

How did your week go?



Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil Review + Giveaway


Skin care has been a priority lately for me so I was happy to try Mia Mariu’s new skin nourishing oil when offered the chance. I first learned about Mia Mariu when I reviewed some of their mineral makeup products last year and new I liked the quality in general.

Mia Mariu’s NEW Skin Nourishing Oil contains oils from Sweet Almond, Avocado, Wheat Germ, Safflower Seed, Soybean, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit – essential for keeping your skin firm, smooth and luminous.  It also has botanical extracts like Chamomile, Cucumber and Lavender that provide anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support for your skin.

The deep penetrating soothing moisture rejuvenates the skin without blocking pores so no worries about that.  Importantly for me at my age is that it helps prevent signs of aging by promoting collagen production which helps keep the skin young and supple looking.

The Mia Mariu skin nourishing oil is alcohol free, sulfate free, paraben free and suitable for all skin types and ages.


When I put on the Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil the first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell.  Those citrus ingredients are apparent but not overpowering.

Next I noticed how soft my skin felt and that it looked silky smooth.  It was great to have this summer for bare legs and arms.  Plus, it lasts all day long.  No need to reapply throughout the day. A little bit goes a long way and the 4 ounce bottle will last quite a while.

If you would have told me decades ago there would be a day when I’d be putting oil on my hair and body I would have thought you were crazy.  But it’s now a regular part of my personal care routine.

You can find the Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil at MiaMariu.com.  The Mia Mariu philosophy makes the connection between beauty and health inside and out. Mía Mariu’s high performance products are formulated with the most natural ingredients available helping you achieve vibrant beauty and health inside and out.

Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil Giveaway

One Weight Chronicles reader will win their own full size bottle of Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil.  Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address.

Use the rafflecopter below to enter and good luck!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.