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Five Things Friday


Where did January go?  I can’t believe Sunday will start the second month of 2015.  What it means here at Weight Chronicles is that I’ll be posting the results of my first month’s goals next week.

Here’s some of what’s been on my mind the past week.

Health Deals of the Week

Get a FREE Recipe eBook from Taste Guru with 27 delicious gluten-free recipes.

Subscribe to Natural Health magazine for just $4.99 a year at discountmags.com on February 3-4.  One of my favorite things about discountmags.com is that they do not autorenew the subscriptions.

Save $.75 off Weight Watchers string cheese.  All the Weight Watchers snack cheeses are less than 70 calories and have 6 grams of protein which make them a tasty and healthy snack. The string cheeses are each 50 calories.

Save 25% at Abe’s Market which has incredible stock of natural products with code SNOWDAY at checkout.  This code is valid through Sunday, February 1st.

Food Find: VitaEgg


Last year I shared my favorite low-calorie pizza, VitaPizza, from Vitalicious.  Well now they have breakfast sandwiches available which are named VitaEgg.  I was provided samples of all three flavors: Turkey Sausage, Veggies with Cheese and Veggie Sausage.


They immediately became my favorite breakfast sandwich and I ordered more (along with VitaPizza and VitaBrownies :)).   As you can from above, the calorie counts are just 120-160 yet they have a lot of protein.  My favorite flavor is the Veggie Sausage.  You can order them directly from Vitalicious.

What I’m Watching


Did you watch the three part series “Sons of Liberty” on the History Channel this week?  It was fantastic so I encourage you to catch encore showings.  I now understand the battle of Bunker Hill and it’s fascinating to see these historic figures as people who took the biggest gamble of their lives.

Two other shows I’ve been watching are “Resurrection” and “Parenthood”.  I haven’t watched the series finale of the latter yet but it’s ready and waiting on the DVR.  Every episode these past weeks have brought on tears so I’m prepared.  I’ll have more thoughts on this next week.

Resurrection’s season finale felt like a series finale.  I think the producers wanted to give viewers enough closure in case it doesn’t get renewed.

Starbucks Account Hacked


Last month my Starbucks account was hacked and the money transferred from my gold card to wherever.  An email alerting me my password was changed was the heads-up.  I immediately called Starbucks support and they confirmed it was hacked and took care of sending me a new gold card, restoring my credit and changing my login information back.

I changed my password right after and so far all is good.  The hardest part was waiting for my gold card with the $33 plus of credit to arrive.  So, it’s not just email and credit card accounts getting hacked; now it’s Starbucks cards.

What the World Eats


I learned about an interesting page, What the World Eats, on the National Geographic site.  It was fascinating to see how much sugar and fat and how little grain we eat compared to China.  Other countries included are India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, among others.

That’s it for this week’s ramblings.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Purex PowerShot Review & Giveaway


I love trying all the new Purex products as an Purex Insider but the Purex PowerShot super concentrated detergent is a game changer!  It takes all the guesswork, measuring and mess out of doing laundry.

How does it do that you ask?  The bottle has built-in auto-dosing technology that does the measuring.


In three easy steps you’ve got the detergent in your wash load.

  1. Open the Cap.
  2. Flip the bottle to deliver one concentrated dose of detergent.
  3. Flip the bottle back upright.

It’s that simple!  If you have a large or extra dirty load use two flips for extra cleaning power.

Purex PowerShot comes in two scents, Mountain Breeze and Natural Elements Linen & Lillies.  You can buy it at major retailers in the laundry products aisle.  For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Using Purex PowerShot


As some of you might remember from previous reviews my husband does most of the laundry in our household.  I save all my workout clothes and other hand washables to do myself once a week.

I wanted to try out the Purex PowerShot easy measure liquid detergent first because it’s so easy.  I followed the three steps and at first was a little taken aback by the small amount of detergent that came out of the bottle.  Then I remembered it’s SUPER concentrated.  A little goes a long way.

I’ve worn the clothes I washed with the Purex Powershot detergent and they all smell so fresh and clean; at least before my Kaia FIT class!

Purex PowerShot Coming Soon Sweepstakes


To celebrate the release of the NEW PurexPowerShot detergent, Purex is hosting an amazing giveaway!  Three grand prize winners of a Whirlpool washer & dryer set. 300 second-place winners will receive a bottle of PowerShot.

I would love to win a new washer & dryer set and already entered.  Be sure to enter the sweepstakes HERE for your chance plus get a $1 off coupon. Entries close March 31st.

Purex PowerShot Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of Purex, three readers will win a coupon for a FREE bottle of new Purex PowerShot detergent. The winner must have a US mailing address and be over the age of 18. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Purex provided me with product  for review purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


Getting Fit with BRIK and Kaia FIT


Last year I decided Kaia FIT was a fitness match for me.  Kaia FIT is a women’s only fitness program consisting of what they term “functional intense training” or FIT.  It resembles boot camp but has lots of modifications based on ability and fitness level and is for women only.

There are two different types of sessions: BRIKs and COREs.  January 5th started the first BRIK session of the year.  I signed up for the VIP program which means I’m an ongoing member and will continue as the training moves from BRIK to CORE and so on.

New Year’s BRIK

BRIKs last for six weeks and you meet five times a week.  The fifth time is a run or walk so I skip that and do it with my husband on our own.  Otherwise, I’m at the studio at 5 am four mornings a week.

Last year I went to a CORE session that I bought with a Groupon so I wasn’t sure what was different about BRIK other than one more day a week.  I learned BRIK includes a nutritional plan and physical assessments.


The theme this BRIK session is Kaia Uprising: I Won’t, I Want, I Will!  The wristband above helps keep us focused on why we’re getting out of warm beds for a 5 am workout.

BRIK Orientation


The first week we had an orientation meeting where our instructor went over the manuals (cookbook, nutritional plan, etc.), we had our measurements taken, made vision boards and I got my own handbag.

Once I decided Kaia FIT was the exercise routine for me in 2015 it was a no-brainer to become a VIP member and pay monthly instead of by session.  This way I save hundreds of dollars and one of the perks is I got my own handbag.  Above is the before picture.

I  would describe the handbag as a soft kettlebell.  It’s the only weights we use in Kaia Fit other than our body weight and resistance bands.  Mine is about eight pounds but they vary in weight based on each person’s strength.

Decorating the handbag was a challenge. I am not a crafts person as evidenced by the conversation when I asked my husband if he know where I could find the nearest Michael’s store.  He told me we passed it every week on the way to get groceries!

I found the store, bought duck tape and decorated my handbag.


I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.  It’s at the Kaia FIT studio where I make sure to pick it up every time we need a handbag.

Three weeks into the BRIK I’m sore, tired but still loving the classes.  What’s your exercise passion this winter?


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Tips to Beat Winter Blues

Happy and sad face.

If you’ve fallen victim to the wrath of winter and have let cold weather blues bust your 2015 goals then today, Blue Monday, is the time to change that. About Blue Monday.

I had the opportunity to discuss how to beat the cold weather blues with Dr. Gary Foster, Chief Scientific Officer at Weight Watchers.  In the video below (click through if you don’t see the video in your email) he’ll share tips as well as what’s new at Weight Watchers much more eloquently than I did in an earlier post.

Dr. Foster is a psychologist, obesity investigator and behavior change expert with more than 160 scientific publications and three books on the etiology and treatment of obesity to his name. In his role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Foster oversees Weight Watchers science-based program, all clinical research initiatives, and continued program advances.  Pretty fun job!

About Blue Monday

The first Blue Monday, January 24, 2005,  was the result of a marketing idea for a travel company to boost sales during the winter. Psychologist Cliff Arnall produced a formula based on factors such as weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since giving up on our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action. Some argue that there’s no such thing, but there’s no doubt that this is a tough time of year and –  this year’s Blue Monday –  January 26 – is a great time to think about how to get back on track.

How do you avoid winter blues?


Tales From the Scale: Party Tactics for Success

Tales from the Scale-party-tactics

Are you going to a party next week to watch the Super Bowl?  If you’re not the hostess navigating the food offerings can be tricky.  At my Weight Watchers meeting this week we discussed tips and tactics for following your plan next Sunday.

I think these are great strategies for any party.  In no particular order we came up with these 8 tips.

  1. Eat before you go to the party.
  2. Take food you want to eat.
  3. Sit far away from the food.
  4. Keep your hands busy whether it be holding a glass or knitting a scarf. :)
  5. Focus on foods that fit in your plan (veggies, fruit, low calorie dips, etc.)
  6. Use a small plate or napkin to hold your food.
  7. Track what you eat.
  8. If you’re having alcohol have a glass of water in between each serving

Food Plan

As much as my husband loves home-cooked meals portion control is his challenge.  In order to get back to his fighting weight, he likes to have mostly lower calorie frozen meals.  I decided to eat Nutrisystem food while he’s on his plan.

Last year I lost 10 pounds following the Nutrisystem D plan as a #NSNation blogger. This time I’m buying the food and selected the plan where I select each option.  I started last Sunday and after a few days of fighting hunger pangs, it’s going well.


My first night I had the Chicken enchilada with rice entree and added my own sauteed zucchini.


This is the lasagne with meat sauce.  I have to say I love all the shelf-stable pasta entrees!


I worked out five days this week and ate within my plan and it showed at the scale.  I was down another 1.2 pounds bringing the total loss to:

-44.2 Pounds

 Challenges Ahead

There aren’t any events planned this week that are potential roadblocks.  I have to focus on getting enough rest to counteract my 5 am workouts.  If it means going to bed at 7 pm, then that’s what I need to do.

How did your week towards great health go?  What’s your tip for staying on plan at Super Bowl parties?