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Workout Wednesday: Free Yoga


Last Saturday I went to a free yoga class sponsored by Lulelemon at a nearby mall.  They had three that morning: bootcamp, studio sweat and the yoga class.

The yoga class was taught by a local yoga studio’s instructor and she was excellent!  I’ll definitely be back every Saturday I can until the pop-up store closes in October. :(

Since I missed this post last week, I’ll update you on two weeks worth of activity.  It’s all about accountability (#Justtrollin).

Weekly Workouts

Week 1
Week 2
WednesdayWalk - 3.2 milesWalk - 3.3 miles
ThursdayPilates classRest
FridayWalk - 3.1 milesWalk - 3 miles
SaturdayRestYoga class
SundayRestWalk - 4 miles
TuesdayWalk - 3 miles
Pilates class
Pilates class

Notice those three days of no activity the first week.  I have no excuse.  I wasn’t injured, sick or held prisoner.

You can see why I don’t want to skip more than one day of exercise — one becomes two and so on.  I felt so guilty, I exercised both morning and evening the next day.

How was your workout week?


Fitbloggin’ 14: Sunday Events and People

This is a recount of my experience at Fitbloggin’ 14.  Previous posts covered the pre-conference events, Friday sessions and Saturday sessions.

I was sad to wake up on Sunday morning (and not just because I had a terrible night’s sleep).  It meant that Fitbloggin would be over in a couple of hours and I’d have to wait 363 days for the next time I’d be with these awesome people.

This conference ends with a run/walk and breakfast.  Before we got started Jeff Galloway joined us courtesy of Run Disney.  Jeff is not only an Olympian but he wrote the first book on running for the masses in the 70′s and has made a career out of the sport with books, coaching, retailer and race organizing.


Jeff took selfies with all who wanted and was a very nice man.  I appreciated meeting a hero from my era. :)

The distance options for the Sunday run/walk are 1 mile, 5K or 10 K.  Jeff Galloway ran with the 10K group. My husband and I chose to walk the 5K and there were about 12 others doing the same.


I wasn’t looking forward to walking 3 miles in the late June humidity but it wasn’t that bad.  Not only because it was still early (7 am) but the scenery was so enchanting that I wasn’t thinking about it.  I love the squares, statues and architecture of historical Savannah.

Too soon we were back at the conference for our last Savannah meal and to say good-bye.  I took more selfies than ever this conference but still missed a lot of people.


From top left clockwise there’s Alan from Sweating Until Happy, Liz (and E2) from Prior Fat Girl, Sarah from Losing Weight and Having Fun and Gerri from the Fitbloggin’ staff.


Alexandra from Fun and Fit, Gail from Go! Go! Gail!  (photobombed by Fat Girl Vs. World), Alyssa from Double Chin Diary and Martinus from 300 Pounds and Running.


I also saw Kenlie from All The Weigh, Deb from Weight for Deb and Margo from Nacho Mama’s Blog.

We had an uneventful trip home with visions of Fitbloggin’ 15 in my head!  Will I see you in Denver?



Tales from the Scale: Using Points Effectively


I was back at my usual Weight Watchers meeting Saturday and a couple of members said they missed me the previous week.  It’s nice to have people notice!

The meeting topic was about using Weight Watchers points accurately.  The PointsPlus methodology results in a value for every food based on the amount of protein, carbs, fat and fiber in it.  Some foods like non-starchy vegetables and fruits have a zero point value to encourage members to choose them.

Not only are members given a daily PointsPlus allowance but also a weekly optional allowance AND you earn more with activity.  I’ve just been tracking calories along with macro-nutrients the past couple of months.

I think it’s time to switch it up and go back to points.

Food Plan

I ate very healthily this past week … during the day.  I had problems shutting down my appetite in the evening.  I don’t think I was genuinely hungry or I would have chosen another veggie.


Nope, it was sugar cravings taking over.  That’s the real problem with having a little, it becomes a lot for me.  Those gluten-free cupcakes from Trader Joe’s were not worth it!


I need to plan meals better as well because a salad does not make a meal every night.


Having a gain is not a fun thing but at least I knew it was directly related to my eating during the week. I was up .6 pound which brought the total weight loss to:

-47.4 pounds

Challenges Ahead

This week is going to be challenging.  I have to run errands every evening to be ready to go to BlogHer on Thursday afternoon.  Once I get to BlogHer I’ll have to make the best choices possible.

Alcohol isn’t a concern as I think I had only one or two cocktails the last couple of years. I usually use my drink tickets for a bottle of water!  I am taking my workout clothes and plan to hit the hotel gym Friday and Sunday mornings.

How did your week towards great health go?


Weekly Chronicles: BlogHer Edition


At this time next week, I’ll be in San Jose after experiencing BlogHer 2014.  It’s my fifth consecutive BlogHer conference and every one has been a little different.  There’ll still be a couple of celebrities (see me and the Jimmy Dean sun above from 2010) and a few parties, but there’s a lot more focus on community this year.

As always, I’ll share my experiences with you after and hopefully have a few more cute pictures like this one.  Now on to my favorite posts from the past week.

Around the Web

Fit to the Finish shares how to stay motivated when no one sees your weight loss.  I’m at that stage now because the loss is so slow and everyone’s used to me at a lower weight.

This recipe from Simple Nourished Living for crockpot white beans and shrimp not only includes two of my favorite foods but is just 211 calories per serving.

Foodie Loves Fitness shares details on her first TRX suspension class.  I think I’m ready to try again.

Another class I’d like to try is Kettle BellsMetamorfit discusses her experience and fantastic results!

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans asks if your Fitbit is a friend or foe?  Definitely a friend in my case.

If you’re dealing with extra zucchini try this recipe from Kitchen Treaty for White Pizza Stuffed Zucchini.  They look delicious and are low-carb to boot.

Half Size Me has 10 tips for weight loss while traveling that I’ll review before leaving home this week.

You’ve heard about Dr. Oz getting called out in the Senate, right?  Snack Girl discusses why he got in trouble endorsing weight loss supplements.


There are two giveaways running at Weight Chronicles right now.  The EveryMove prize pack (with 13 fabulous items) giveaway ends July 24th.  Enter the giveaway for 2 massaging bath puffs by  July 26th.

Wendy Nielsen is hosting a giveaway for two Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers (one for you and one for a friend).  Entries close tomorrow night.

Two people will win a variety sampler of Quest Nutrition bars at The Year of the Phoenix.  Hurry over because this one ends tonight at midnight Eastern.  You’ll love these bars.

Dare You To.. is giving away an entry to the Neon Dash in NYC on August 2nd.  Entries close July 24th.

Enter for a chance to win a gorgeous Kelly Moore bag at PaleOMG no later than July 24th.

Momma Buzz is giving away a Weight Watchers power foods cookbook.  Entries close July 23rd.

Three people will win at the birthday giveaway on Vegan for Her.  Entries close July 28th.

Mom Spark is hosting a Degree Deodorant Prize Pack giveaway which includes a $10 Walmart Gift Card.  Enter by midnight tomorrow!

Go to the movies if you win the Fandango Gift Card at Surviving and Thriving.  Entries close Tuesday evening.

Gluten Free Boston Girl is hosting a giveaway for Sunergetic Dietary Supplement to nourish you skin from the inside out.  It ends July 24th.

Enter to win four coupons for a free McDonald’s Happy Meal at Free is My Life.  Entries close 7/24.

Barefoot Essence is celebrating her first published book by giving away a copy of The Green City Market Cookbook.  Enter by July 23rd.

That’s it for this week’s edition.  There won’t be a post next Sunday.  Enjoy your week!



I recently learned about another conference that would be so great to attend. This September 25-28 the Your Weight Matters National Conference is being held in Orlando, Florida.

The conference is hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). As a National non-profit organization, the OAC is dedicated to helping the millions of Americans impacted by excess weight and obesity through education, advocacy and support.

The three day conference has over 50 sessions geared to individuals who struggle or are concerned with  or those concerned with weight-related issues.  Topics vary from the basics of nutrition and treatment options to behavioral health issues like food addition and mindful eating.  The speakers are the country’s leading experts on weight and health, dedicated to presenting evidence-based information.

Just like I experienced at Fitbloggin’ there’s a strong fitness component, offering an array of group fitness classes designed for all abilities.  You can see the entire agenda HERE.

What is the Cost

The full conference registration fee is $125 which is a bargain for this content packed event.  If you can’t attend the entire conference, there are daily options.

Because this is such an important issue and the OAC doesn’t want to exclude anyone, there is a scholarship program for those with financial need.  Applications must be submitted by July 25th so get it done now!

Making Plans

I won’t be able to make this conference as I’ll be just returning home from being mother of the groom at my oldest son’s wedding.  But I’ll be keeping my eye out on social media to make sure I make the next one. If obesity and healthy weight loss is a topic of interest to you, I hope you strongly consider attending.

If you’re local, at least stop by on Saturday when the expo is free to the public.

Have you ever attended the Your Weight Matters conference?