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After you add your favorite items to the shopping cart  and enter the discount code to get 40% off everything plus FREE shipping! I used it yesterday for a couple of more pairs of my favorite capris with the great side pocket for phones and a tank top.

If you are new, read five reasons Katie K Activewear is the best for me.

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The California Avocado Commission was a sponsor of Fitbloggin’ 15. They hosted a is was a limited attendance lunch on Saturday that I signed up for in advance.


It was held at Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen, a Chef Jennifer Jasinski restaurant about 1/2 mile away from the hotel. It was a pleasant walk over and back.


I believe there were six tables set for 10 with menus waiting at each place setting.



I loved how avocados were used in the table decor. We ordered beverages. I had a nice iced tea that was unusual but have forgotten now the ingredients. :(

After the beverages were delivered we ordered our entrees and then the meal began.


The salad was awesome. I ate everything except some of the trumpet mushrooms (not a fan).


While having this course Chef Jen shared information about the meal and introduced some of her team. I don’t watch Top Chef but apparently she was in the finale of Top Chef Masters in 2013. After having a meal here I can see why!


Jan, Marketing VP at California Avocado Commission, briefly spoke. This was her second year at FitBloggin and I loved that she attended the sessions with us and really got to understand the community.


I had the roasted Petaluma chicken breast and it was delicious. I could have licked my plate to every last drop of the au jus. When we were all full, then came the dessert.


Normally the chocolate part of the dessert would have been the star for me but not this time. The coconut avocado ice sorbet was to die for! It was so creamy and tasty I would have eaten a quart if they gave it to me.

It was an awesome meal with awesome people!

lunch-tableA look down the table…


I got to sit between these awesome ladies, Sarah and Denise.


I sat across from the lovely Emily who was next to Lyssa who I somehow missed getting in a picture. I met all these ladies at my first FitBloggin in 2013 and enjoyed spending time with them!

On the way out we all got a lovely reusable bag filled with goodies including my favorite California fruit, avocados!


It was a lovely walk back to the hotel in time for the afternoon sessions.



I’m looking forward to connecting with this brand again in the future.

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FitBloggin’ 15: Saturday

All too soon the alarm went off and it was Day 3 of Fitbloggin’ 15.

Denise and I met at 6 am for a 3 mile walk in Downtown Denver. The river walk was still pretty wet from the rain the previous days. Downtown is so beautiful.


The art piece above is by the Denver Public Library and is titled “The Yearling”.


The state capitol was beautiful in the morning sun.  Afterwards we both got cleaned up for the roof-top yoga sponsored by Silk.


I took a selfie and enjoyed the view before the class started.


Photo courtesy of Carrie D Photography

You can see my bright pink shirt in the middle of the photo above.  There were two instructors with one directing us and both providing adjustments and help with the poses.


All too soon the class was over!  We got to keep the blue yoga mats provided by Silk.  Alas, I wasn’t able to fit it in my suitcase and found a good home for it with another Fitblogger.

Everyone was ready for breakfast at this point and I ran to get a plate of food to take into the first session.  I attended Mind Games: Depression, Anxiety and Healthy Living which was led by Steph Oxenford and Liz Paul. I swear there’s no attending a Liz session without tears involved (said with love).


It was a great session and they even gave us a reminder token which was really sweet.

Next I went to PostureFit session where we learned how to use the PostureFit bar.  The bar (previously marketed as postursizer) is a small, nine pound piece of equipment that can have a lot of benefit. The video explains more in only a minute!

All of us received our own bar to take home. After a busy morning it was time for a break (which means snacks).


The California Avocado Commission had these cute cucumber slices filled with guacamole.


The break was sponsored by Yulu and Horizon which are two brands in the Silk family.  It was the first time I tried Yulu yogurt and it was very tasty!

Next on the agenda was attending a luncheon hosted by the California Avocado Commission.  I’ll recap lunch in a separate post tomorrow (otherwise this would be an neverending post!)

At 2:30 I attended a panel discussion “Finding the Medium Between XS and XL: Exploring the Controversy Between Fat and Skinny Shaming” which was facilitated by  Jackelyn Ho with panelists Carla Birnberg, Kia Ruiz , Sarah Bramblette and Martha Koeskie.


Next was the break where we again had chips and guacamole.  Believe it or not I could eat again after that big lunch!  Unfortunately, the agenda had the starting time wrong for the next session so I walked into “The Importance of Good Blog Design” session 30 minutes late. I still got a couple of good tips.


There was a break before the evening event so I went to dinner with Denise and her husband at Earls Kitchen & Bar.


My first steak came out over cooked so the manager had it replaced while I ate my side dishes.  Those mashed potatoes were so good! Once I got the properly cooked steak, it was very tasty as well.


Not only did the manager promptly get me a new steak, she also comped our table two desserts which we enjoyed very much!


I skipped the evening event, which I heard was very fun, and spent time in my room relaxing and getting to bed early.  I never did sleep well in Denver and it was catching up with me.

If you missed the first two parts of my Fitbloggin ’15 recap read Thursday and Friday for more pictures and fun.



Tales From the Scale: Summer Heat

It’s been unusually humid here in Southern California for the past couple of weeks.  Thankfully yesterday felt much better even though the temperature was still high.  Dry heat is SO much better!

I’m back on track and it feels good to be living a healthy lifestyle.

Food Plan

I had a business trip the beginning of last week which included some pretty good restaurant meals.


One night I had steak salad at Joey D’s Oak Room.


The next night we ate at Seasons 52.  What I like about this restaurant is the seasonal ingredients, lower calories, and tiny desserts.  The food was delicious!


I finally got on the scale for the first time at home since we got back from Italy.  You might remember then it was up 3 pounds which I thought wasn’t bad for two weeks of wine, pasta and bread.  Well, I guess I kept eating on the vacation mode because this time the scale was up more pounds, 10 to be exact.  This drops the total weight loss to:

– 36.6 Pounds

I quit going to Weight Watchers to “do it on my own” but if I don’t see progress in the next 2-3 weeks I may be back.  I am back to tracking food and exercise on MyFitnessPal.



I didn’t quit going to Kaia FIT thankfully but when I was out of town the past two months (which was often) I was only walking for exercise and even that was incidental.

I got back from Atlanta late Wednesday (really Thursday by the time I got to my home) and loved working out Friday.  Saturday I went on the walk/run portion of Kaia.


No travel challenges this week.  My husband’s birthday is next weekend but I’ll just have to choose mindfully and plan well.  My goal this week is to exercise 4 times, track all food and get in 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day.

How did your week towards great health go?

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