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Five Things Friday

Yay! It’s the weekend and I’m looking forward to it. Grab your coffee and let’s chat.

Healthy Living Blogs Tea Swap


I took part in this year’s tea swap sponsored by Healthy Living Blogs.  If you haven’t visited their site, I’d highly recommend it for a great listing of blogs in this niche including yours truly.


I received two teas from Mary Beth at The Thrive Blog. I love that both of these teas are new to me plus organic.  Thank you!



Have you heard about the #Wycwyc movement?  It was started a year or two ago and now two of my favorite online friends, Carla Birnberg and Roni Noone, have published a book!

Mine just arrived and I loved it on page 1 (or whatever page the dedication was written).  The movement is about healthy living on your terms.  It is absolutely the way I live.  You can buy the book at Amazon right now in print and I understand the Kindle version will be released April 28th.

Another Birthday Celebration


April brings a lot of birthdays in our family and this week brought my youngest son’s.  For his celebration dinner he selected a new-to-me restaurant in the Bankers’ Hill area of San Diego aptly named Bankers Hill Restaurant.

The food is locally sourced and made with seasonal ingredients.  The picture above is our appetizer, Meyer Lemon and Fennel marmalade bruschetta.  It was delicious and as you can see was unique but not too far out of the box.

This is definitely somewhere I want to go again and experience more of the interesting menu.

Easy Vegetable Soup Recipe


Every week I make a batch of vegetable soup and then have one serving a day.  Since I’m not a natural vegetable eater, it helps me get to five servings a day without too much effort.

This soup is very easy and contains just the three ingredients shown above and all were bought at Trader Joe’s.  The ingredients are:

  • quart of vegetable broth (I get low-sodium)
  • Diced tomatoes with green chiles
  • Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix

I saute the veggie mix for about 10 minutes with a tablespoon of oil to soften them.  Then I add the other two ingredients.  If I have extra vegetables in the fridge, I thrown them in as well.  It’s really tasty, low calorie and healthy!

Family Artist


Last but definitely not least is a new artwork I received this week.  My grandson, age 5, painted this water color of a guitar.  I don’t think I could do as well!

That’s what has been going on around here.  How was your week?


Mia Mariu Essential Oils Review (Giveaway)


The past couple of years I’ve become more interested in natural health products including essential oils.  I’ve reviewed Mia Mariu products before and appreciate the value and quality of the make-up and skin care items.

When I got the chance to review one of Mia Mariu’s new essential oils, my hand went right up.

Mia Mariu Essential Oils


Mia Mariu offers two varieties of essential oils.  I had a choice between “Relax” and “I Feel Good”.  Since I usually have no trouble relaxing or excessive stress, I selected the I Feel Good blend.

I Feel Good is designed to support one’s immune system for good health.  The oils in the blend are designed to also support overall respiratory health.  Other health benefits:

  • Provide relief from colds, flu, fever, sore throat
  • Reduces body and muscle aches
  • Promotes good digestion

It does all this with the I Feel Good Essential Oil Key Ingredients:

Eucalyptus – It assists with clear breathing and soothes tired, sore muscles.

Bay Laurel –  It has an uplifting, calming, and grounding effect on the senses.

Peppermint – It promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing, alleviates stomach upset, and frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral health.

Ingredients contained in both essential oils:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Coconut Oil



The I Feel Good essential oil comes in a small brown glass bottle containing 2 ounces of the blend.  It smells really good but might remind you of past medicines (chest rub?) due to the eucalyptus oil.   Not only is it made with 100% organic essential oils but is also:
-Alcohol free
-Sulfate free
-Paraben free
-Fragrance free

Experiencing I Feel Good Essential Oil


Using the dropper I put the oil on pulse points and then wherever I need help with good health.  Mostly, it’s been on sore muscles!  My arms and shoulders need it tonight after a hard workout yesterday.

I find it does help me feel good all day and helps some with muscle aches.  It’s not an heavy oil but you’ll need to be careful around clothing due to the oils.

You can buy I Feel Good Essential Oils and all the other great Mia Mariu products at Miamariu.com.  The 2 ounce bottle retails for $40.


Thanks to the generosity of Mia Mariu one reader will win their own 2-ounce bottle of “I Feel Good” essential oils blend.  Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address.

Use the Gleam form to enter and good luck!

Mia Mariu Essential Oils


Five Things Friday

Did this week seem over before it started for you too? I have no plans for the weekend and after the birthday weekend I’m ready for a little down time to focus on home chores and rest.


''Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes'' - Benjamin Franklin

The tax collector was paid twice this past week.  First up was our second installment of property taxes.  Then we prepared our Federal and State tax returns and learned a big check needed to be written.

I’m hoping we don’t get hit with a underpayment penalty and am increasing my withdrawal in my check to ensure this doesn’t happen next year.

Timehop Fail

timehopDo you use the Timehop app?  I normally love it as I get to see pictures or thoughts I posted on social media one year, two years or more ago on the same date.  It’s all good except when it was something I didn’t want to relive.

Late last week I saw a Facebook post from three years ago where I mentioned my mother wasn’t doing well and asked for prayers.  That was the day I learned I needed to get to Kansas right away and my mom passed away 10 days later.

I wish the app was smart enough not to show these types of messages as it definitely put a damper on my day.

Kaia FIT

This is the third week of Kaia FIT’s Spring Into Action session.  I took my birthday off Monday but will make up for it by attending the Saturday session for the first time.

I’ve been sore all week so I am definitely working my muscles!

Crisp Tools


I won a giveaway hosted by Valerie’s Kitchen for two cooking tools from Crisp Tools.  One of them I picked was the wavy knife shown above.  I’m thinking it will add some fun to vegetables.  I don’t naturally gravitate to veggies so anything I can do to make them more attractive is helpful.

I also want to get a spiralizer at some point.

What I’m Watching


Did you see the PBS series on Cancer? Cancer | The Emperor of All Maladies aired last week and I finished it this week.  It is produced by Ken Burns and is a very interesting history of cancer including research, treatments, etc.

A new show I watched this week is Younger where a 40-something women pretends to be 20 years younger in order to get a job in the publishing world.  I haven’t decided what I think about this yet.  I like pointing out ageism but is this the solution?

That’s it for this week.  Have an awesome weekend!


Tales from the Scales: Birthday Edition


Yesterday was my birthday but the celebration started three days earlier.  I came home Friday to the beautiful flower arrangement above.  A dozen roses!

Saturday I did go to Weight Watchers but that was the only health-oriented activity all weekend.  We had tickets to a matinee showing of Mamma Mia.  It was a wonderful performance, but I’m amazed at the lack of manners from other theater-goers.

A couple showed up 40 minutes into the first act and sat down right in front of us (and they didn’t rush).  Then a cell phone belonging to the woman seated next to my husband went off.  During the last 20 minutes we had to hear a small child behind us whine about how long it was taking.  Maybe the evening performance would have been better?

A wonderful gift was a surprise visit by one of my sons who lives out of state.  He was in the house when I came home for lunch yesterday with a card and an invitation for lunch!

Food Plan

A lot of our celebration had to do with food.  Maybe some day I can get past that but not yet.  It started with lunch at the Grant Grill where we learned they served brunch on the weekends until dinner time.


I had the local catch (grouper) sandwich which came with house-made chips.  The chips were extremely salty and neither my husband or I ate more than a couple.  My sandwich on the other hand was very tasty.  I loved the roasted tomatoes and onions in combination with the grilled sourdough and grouper.

We picked up BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner at a local BBQ.  I selected corn pudding for my one side which is very good but definitely not the healthiest choice.  I ate half Saturday night and the other half for lunch on Sunday.  To top this gluttony off we had cold stone ice cream creations.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast with friends but didn’t overdo it.  That night we picked up Mexican food at Rubios so I could use my birthday coupon for a free entree.

Yesterday’s birthday lunch was at Vintana.  I didn’t take a single picture as I wanted to be “present” for every moment.  It was enjoyable with good service and food.

The celebration ended after a steak dinner at home capped off with my birthday “cake” which was a cupcake from my favorite cupcake shop, Little Cakes.  They’ve won Cupcake Wars twice and have about 50 flavors with 8-10 available each day.


I had the Daddy Warbucks flavor and it was awesome! Today it’s back to “less is best” with better choices but no regrets!


Fortunately last week’s attention to diet and exercise showed up on the scale. I had a loss of .4 pounds bringing the weight loss total to:

-48.0 Pounds

This might go away Saturday but I will know why as well as how to continue losing.

 Challenges Ahead

The first three days of this week were obviously not on plan.  I’m looking forward to healthier eating and jumping back on the wagon.

Do you ever decide an occasion or food is worth going off plan?

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Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Review & Giveaway


Last month I shared my experience with Dial Miracle Body Wash.  Knowing how much I loved it, I was happy when I had the opportunity to review Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap.


Just like the body wash the Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap is infused with marula oil.  Marula oil comes from kernels of the marula tree.

The smooth Miracle Oil hand soap gently cleans your hands. It also uses micro oil technology which hydrates the skin while protecting it from skin damaging free radicals.


I was happy to add this Dial hand soap to my sink area.  It’s been great at removing make-up left on my hands while leaving them feeling smooth and smelling great.

I can tell you it has the same intoxicating scent as the body wash but more subtle.  Of course, it lathers easy and you only need one pump per use.



Thanks to the generosity of Dial we’re giving away a coupon for a FREE bottle of Dial hand soap in one of the following varieties: Miracle Oil hand soap, Sugar Cane hand soap or Omega Moisture Foaming hand wash.  Three winners will be selected.

Use the Gleam form below to enter. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and have a US mailing address. Good luck!

Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap

Disclosure: As a PurexInsider I receive product for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.