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Joining the Yakezie Challenge…Again!

Proud Member of the Yakezie Challenge

Have you heard of the Yakezie Blog Network?  It’s a network of personal finance and lifestyle blogs whose main purpose is to “to selflessly help each other while promoting quality content over the web for readers to learn from and share”.

My Yakezie Past

I was one of the original members with my first blog Bucksome Boomer.  It was a great experience as we grew beyond our wildest imaginations.  We thought it was big time to have a Google Group but then it moved to a full-fledged highly ranked website.

I’ve made friends that are willing to give help, support and friendship without asking for anything in return.  They are welcome in my home anytime and I am in theirs (although I haven’t taken anyone up on that one yet!).  It also helped my previous blog grow in terms of income, readers and quality.  I tried to give back as much value as received.

But after becoming debt-free early in 2012 I was ready to focus on another priority of mine which is to regain fitness and health.  So I’m rejoining the Yakezie Challenge with Weight Chronicles.  It’ll be fun to interact with my friends as a lifestyle blogger this time around.

A New Challenge

My starting Alexa Ranking (don’t worry about this if you’re not a blogger) is 1,442,498.  I can’t remember ever having that low a ranking with my two other blogs but I’m sure it was at some point!  It can only get better and I’m hoping to get it under 200,000 within the six month challenge time frame.

All you need to do is keep reading and sharing my posts.  Let me know what you think in the comments as well as any topics you would like to learn more about.  I’m committed to providing you my best content 2-3 times a week and sharing the great content in the Yakezie Network.  Sound like a win-win deal?  To quote Pink “let’s get the party started!”

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  • Khaleef @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet October 19, 2012, 9:16 am

    Hey Kay Lynn! It’s good to see you back with your lifestyle blog. I really hope that we are able to support each other on our journeys to better health!

    • Kay Lynn October 19, 2012, 12:47 pm

      Absolutely. Right now I’m struggling with what exercise to do. I’m probably overthinking it but am afraid of financially committing to something I won’t keep up.

  • Lorillia | Your Money Mentor November 21, 2012, 10:25 pm

    Welcome back to the challenge, and i’m looking forward to read your blog. I could really shed some pounds. Happy blogging.

    • Kay Lynn November 22, 2012, 2:01 am

      Thanks, Lorilla. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and the other new members and challengers.